FYI, If you decide to attempt any modifications to your HTX, you are doing so at your own risk. HTX Owners Manual HTX/Albrecht AE Service. Update*** I’m still doing this repair for those who may need it. Here are the specifics. I charge a flat fee of $35 which includes the new mic cord, the. Cat. No. OWNER’S MANUAL HTX TWO-METER MOBILE TRANSCEIVER Please read before using this transceiver. INTRODUCTION Your .

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You mnual need to connect the red wire directly to the battery if you experience ignition noise. You can also set a tone that must accompany transmissions for your HTX to open squelch. Then route the antenna cable from the antenna to the HTX and connect it to the antenna connector.

The HTX transmits for 1 second after you enter the last digit. Common Problems and Solutions If your HTX does not seem to be operating properly, check this section for a possible solution. For example, to enter The scan resume delay option lets you set the HTX to pause before resuming so you can hear replies.

Group Calling only works with the HTX and other transceivers that support this feature. Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. As I mentioned before, the color code is a close match with all conductors except for the lack of a Green conductor in the case of this particular cable so here is how my pinout ended up being on the microphone connector itself.


There are many different types of antennas suitable for transceiver use. Receive Frequency Below Using this Manual To make this manual as maanual to use as possible, we give you several ways to find information.

Tune to the memory channel you want to clear. The HTX displays rC and the current receive subaudible tone. This lets you prevent the HTX from stopping on beacon or packet repeater frequencies.

The HTX displays tF and ytx-252 transmit frequency. The transceiver stops on mnaual active frequency for 5 seconds if squelch is on. Be sure LOCK on the microphone is set to its leftmost position. The cable should end in a PL connector. Press F, then press MR. You can see how the rubber broke in segments and caused added stress to the conductors inside.

Radio Shack HTX-252 Manuals

An SWR of 1. Then slowly rotate clockwise just until the noise stops. Repeatedly press lower scan limit.

Got it, continue to print. Warnings and cautions you should follow to prevent injury to a person or damage to the transceiver have a large lightning bolt in the margin.


Don’t show me this htx-52 again. You can set your HTX to transmit any of the 38 standard subaudible tones. Then press to select the desired menu option. If the HTX does not turn on, even when you are sure the power wire is properly connected to a 12V DC power source, check the fuse and replace it, if necessary.

The default is 20 kHz. They are used by many repeaters to limit interference from other nearby radio transmitters. The HTX can even scan a selected range and automatically store active frequencies in unused memory locations. To return to low power, press LOW again.


If this does not clear the error, take it to your local Radio Shack store to arrange for service. Press the push-to-talk button PTT on the side of the microphone to transmit. Tuning to a Standard Memory Channel. Then, while holding hhx-252 PTT, press the digits on the microphone to transmit the tones.