Lucy Cornelssen was a German mystic who lived that last part of her life at the Arunachala Hill in South India. She writes from direct experience, sharing. Hunting the I, according to Sri Ramana Maharshi. A book on spiritual queries. Download – Hunting the I – by Lucy Cornelssen. Lucy Cornelssen – ‘Hunting the ‘I’. DON’T FIGHT – JUST WATCH There is only one way to ovecome the ghost to watch it. Do not fight, do not.

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Another may stay in the forest but still be unable to control his mind. Luckily the sadbaka is not left alone in his secret struggle against himself on his lonesome journey towards his high destination. You can never find the mind through mind. We can watch the coming and going of the gunas and each time just make the best kucy of them. Therefore why change the hujting In one word, to think is not your real nature.

He must not show anger to one who is angry. Complete self-surrender means that you have no further thought of T. Ill MAYA Maya is that which makes us regard as non-existent the Self, the Reality, which is always and everywhere present and all-pervasive and self-luminous, and as existent the individual soul, the world and God, which have been conclusively proved to be non-existent at all times and places.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Hence the seeming contradiction among the paths, the stress which is laid by some Advaita- Vedantins on the fact, that Rarnana Maharshi was a strict jnani. Jettisoning the ego is necessary and natural.

Then are thoughts, feelings and will produced by the brain? It tells us that It is our own Voice, calling us out of a stage of consciousness which degenerated into crowded thinking, distorted feeling and feverish activity, calling us out of our biological dream of waking, dreaming and deep sleep into turiya. In practicing this kind of detachment the seeker will soon get to a state of pure awareness, which is no longer ‘perceiving’.


Nobody can reach Me by his own endeavour. He knew he had simply to submit. June high-quality photos of Arunachala. To further this purpose his training is aimed at an intense development of his intellect.

If one cannot directly hold the thinker one must meditate on God; and in due course the same individual will have become sufficiently pure to hold the thinker and sink into absolute Be-ing.

Jnana-marga and bbakti-marga are one and the same.

Hunting the ‘I’: Lucy Cornelssen: : Books

He confounds it with the non-self, viz. They are not only meant in their gross sense, but in subtler ways also. Swami Vivekananda laid the foundation of the first nationwide organisation for the social uplift of the suffering masses at home, simultaneously carrying abroad the rich spiritual heritage of his country, which was then practically unknown outside India.

Siva, the Hill of Dawn, the Dawn of Wisdom. To find the answer, we have to go backwards another 50, years. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Luc

Kumar marked it as to-read Oct 15, The mind is by nature restless. Actually the problem, Maya, is no problem at all, being no obstruction in the Path. He will be cronelssen the man who went in search vornelssen Chintamani, the celestial gem that fulfils every desire, who found it and threw it away when he saw a colourful pebble. If we do not resolve to attack the deadly enemy in every nook and corner of our daily life, we shall never get rid of this ghost which we have pampered unconsciously for so long.

The first half of them was spent in its caves, the last half in an Ashram at the foot of it which had grown round the samadhi of his mother. To be busy, theoretically, with the social reform of a country or the world is only too often the means to escape from the responsibility to reform oneself first. And what is possible once even for a moment can be extended by practice. It is called jagratsushupti. We learn that the thoughts in the waking state form the obstacle luy gaining the stillness of sleep; stillness is the aim of the seeker.


Just on rising up from sleep, and before seeing the objective world, there is a state of awareness which is your pure Self. When this happens again and again, he learns to understand these sparks as what they are, glimpses from another crnelssen which want to teach him to discriminate between, the different dimensions but which also lure him on in his spiritual endeavour.

For millions of years, the consciousness of human beings functioned merely in sensory perceptions and in reacting to them in the same primitive ways as did the mammals, along the lines of their physical needs. To seek and attain siddhis means to strengthen it.

He is seldom interested in the Self, because there is no concept of the Self.

Hunting The ‘I’

Don’t try to attain something! Because to him they were not dead. He must not show anger to one who is angry.

The Be-ing is the Self. It has a purpose. It simply is conscious of itself as “I am”. It will help you in your further sadhana like leavening in the dough.

So says Ramana, the Maharshi.