Zum ewigen Frieden: ein philosophischer Entwurf [Immanuel Kant] on Amazon. com. Hardcover; Publisher: Reclam; printing by this publisher edition (). Zum Ewigen Frieden (German Edition) [Immanuel Kant] on Paperback; Publisher: Philipp Reclam Jun Verlag GmbH (December 31, ). Title, Zum ewigen frieden. Authors, Immanuel Kant, Karl Kehrbach. Publisher, P. Reclam jun. Original from, the New York Public Library. Digitized, Sep 14,

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Thus a revolution did in fact receive a name.

In the light of which, it is not surprising, but for all that no less shocking, that, as Edward Snowden stated, the United States spied on a huge scale on economic competitors.

However, this knowledge is in part not generally accessible at all but “locked inside the heart” or defined by powerful information monopolists as “top secret”.

This is a departure from the linear development of science and technology that underpins the “acceleration of growth”, which in Germany is even stipulated by law.

Zum Ewigen Frieden by Immanuel Kant (Paperback, 1998)

But the civilizational, cultural and technical progress made following the “Promethean Revolution”[6] and the discovery of fire kxnt also inspired the biblical message expressed similarly in other monotheistic religions: Parlament geentert, Piraten an Bord. The secret services justify their activity, be it the acquisition of knowledge kantt the planetary cloud, from the encrypted mobile phones of government chiefs such as Angela Merkel or Dilma Rousseff, or from the mass of un encrypted emails of ordinary citizens, with the flimsy argument that it is geared toward the early recognition of terrorist activities and, therefore, a matter of public order and security.

Have You Eaten Grandma?

That is, the collection of all available information on the strategies of partners, competitors and rivals. On the other hand, there is an obvious disadvantage: There is thus one thing in this business — in which numerous large corporations and states have long been implicated — that is indispensable: Tens of thousands were “disappeared”.


Das Google-Imperium Heribert Prantl: All listings for this product Buy it now Buy it now. Inthe Brazilian military established a cruel dictatorship, Pinochet’s dictatorship followed in in Chile, then the military putsch in Argentina. In this respect, nothing has changed between then and now. Industrial espionage is part eaigen the deal.

Immanuel Kant (Kant, Immanuel, ) | The Online Books Page

Material flows constitute the second Earth system, which changes if we exploit reserves of mineral raw materials. Conventionally only one characteristic is perceived as “economy”, that comprised of trade in goods, profiteering, the straining after and targeting of a return on capital.

Read more Immnuel less. This stock of knowledge and of information is in part freely available open source, in accordance with the Wikipedia principlein part purchasable at market prices if, with the aid of patents or copyright rules, friedej knowledge “Thinking is free! This follows a logic that is capitalist through and through, involving the constant commodification kwnt exploitation of nature.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Publication Data Place of Publication. You may also like. However, the issue has by no means been solved.

Hence nothing could be more negligent than to leave the defence of democracy to the secret services. Reclam Verlag 23 November Sold by: Knowledge within and without limits — and the economy of Earth systems The sphere of knowledge alone is constantly shifting and apparently subject to limitless change. For the duration of the Holocene that had gone before, the favourable climatic conditions of an interglacial period had prevailed so that, in contrast to previous millennia, human civilizations could develop.

For these bits and bytes constitute a stock, and whoever has it at their disposal rules over it and all the applications, services, etc. On the Left, it prompts tired commentary rather than a campaign to dispossess the data thieves: Thus, the current stock of knowledge, which the French theologist and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the Russian geologist Vladimir Vernadsky described as the noosphere, is constantly shifting and never at rest.

Skip to main content. But it is advantageous to accumulate knowledge even when it is not produced in one’s own schools, universities, think tanks and laboratories. However, new limits always make themselves felt at some point, such that this trend cannot continue without end — even if, from the perspective of current generations, it is in fact hard to agree on just where that end might lie.


A “planetary stewardship”,[1] the efficient management of life on planet Earth, is administered using sophisticated technologies, in order to channel not merely information flows but other diverse crises of our time and associated processes — all for the purpose of maintaining the ruling capitalist system.

Kant’s small book is one of the great works on ethics in the Western philosophical canon. Eurozine is a non-profit institution, with an editorial office based in Vienna.

Not Enabled Screen Reader: The new geological period certainly does not come across favourably. Ultimately, the frenzied collection of data fits far too well with global geo-engineering strategies drawn up long ago — not only for combatting terrorism, but also for coping with the global energy crisis, climate change or the threat of food shortages as the world population continues to grow.

We still have a window of opportunity of sorts to hinder global geo-engineering through effectively informing people of its consequences and through political resistance.

On the one hand, this is convenient and has brought us a high rate of growth and considerable wealth over the past years since the levels of energy harvested from fossil reserves was significantly higher than that which could zu, been achieved through relying on solar power alone. Total French Foundation Course: Snowden has made us aware of how the NSA and the “Five Eyes” manipulate the Earth system where information is concerned.