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Operating the Printer Use this chapter to understand how to use the printer front panel, load roll media and media for self-strip printing, set the media sensitivity number, and communicate with the printer.

Replace the cable if it is damaged. Install the printer electronics cover and the media cover. Raise 3040 printhead with the printhead lift lever. Popular Tags driver noise. This safety precaution will save people from electric shock in the situation where they touch both the host computer and the printer at the same time while there is a faulty ground in either device.

You must use an RS, which is automatically enabled when you enable Multi-Drop. Media is sticking to the paper path. If a character is large or is positioned near a band boundary, portions of its image may fall into multiple bands. Manuql 4— Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Checklist Even though Intermec designed your printer to operate under harsh conditions, you may still encounter a printer operation, print quality, or communication problem at some time.

20 Most Recent Intermec EasyCoder Thermal Label Questions & Answers – Fixya

It detects transitions on the input, debounces the switch, and interrupts the CPU. The printer has one electrically powered motor that is the source of simultaneous movement for all of the driven parts.


Glossary graphic A bitmap picture downloaded to the printer by the host before printing. Chapter 3 – Procedures for running printer tests printing test labels, printing out the configuration settings, and for making printer adjustments and alignments.

Secure the cable in place by inserting it into the two cable clips. When the printer is first powered on: Troubleshooting Checklist Chapter 4— Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Checklist Even though Intermec designed your printer to operate under harsh conditions, you may still encounter a printer operation, print quality, or communication problem at some time.

To test host-to-printer communications 1.

Intermec 3400 User Manual

Discard the old snap ring. These alignments should be made in the sequence given. Failure to comply can result in damage to components or the printhead. Cabling In Noisy Electrical Environments Printhead, platen roller, or label path are dirty.

Printhead bias adjust screw M. Understanding The Front Panel Leds If not already done, switch off the printer power and remove the power cord, media cover, electronics cover, and the front bezel cover. Remove the electronics cover. To clean the media guides and media path 1. These inputs control the stepping of the motor.

You must provide the correct cables for connecting the printer. Possible Causes Incorrect intefmec sensitivity. Darkness adjust control Turn the darkness adjust control counterclockwise for lighter density.

Replacing Printer Components When a printer component needs replacing, use the appropriate following procedure. For information on configuring the host computer, port concentrator, or network controller, see the reference manual for the controlling device.

Page Each element is switched on and off separately in order to react mqnual the media or thermal transfer ribbon to create a mark on the label. It has 16 programmable channels that can be used to generate output waveforms or capture input signals. To achieve the best print quality, raise the printhead with the printhead lift lever and position the printhead adjustment lever as shown in the illustration: Sets intermsc printer configuration to the factory defaults.


Downloading is the universal term used to describe the transfer of information from the host to any connected peripheral device, such as your printer. Maintaining The Printer Maintaining the Printer This chapter explains how to clean and maintain the printer.

Turn the printer off and then back on again determine why it tripped. Purpose of This Manual The purpose of this maintenance manual is to provide the information you need to clean, adjust, and repair the Intermec Bar Code Label Printer. Understanding The Front Panel If you need help eliminating noise, ask your Intermec representative for assistance.

The TTR supply hub uses an 18 in-oz slip clutch. New considerations come in to play, such as delay between printing and perceived printer performance. intsrmec

The host in this case includes Intermec products that support RS Syntax Errors The printer responds to syntax errors in the messages it receives from the host by attempting to execute the commands. Clean the media path. Clean your printer mankal to maintain the quality of your labels and extend the life of your printer. Install the media cover and the power cord.

During printing, there is no contention with imaging, so the manuaal speed can remain constant. The fourth hole in the roller alignment tool fits over the black plastic cap closest to the front of the printer. Check to make sure that the ribbon is installed correctly.