daily cloridrato-de-irinotecano-tri-hidratado-teva-farmaceutica-ltda-solucao-injetavel- bula. Bula Amoxilina Hidroxizina Cloridrato de Hidroxizina Cloridrato de Irinotecano Cloridrato de Irinotecano Cloridrato de Lidocaína Detentor Referência Classe. IFL (irinotecano, 5-fluorouracil e leucovorin) e o IFL + BV (IFL associado ao bevaci- No intuito de melhorar os aspectos gráficos do conteúdo textual da bula.

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The following information was shown for each drug: In both versions, only two things were considered catastrophic; two problems were considered severe in web system and four in the mobile version. Nurses considered the mobile application easy to use, useful, innovative, and complete and felt that it provided irinotecanl information to help them audit bills that referred to antineoplastic drugs. In a hospital bill audit, the nurse needs to verify whether drugs listed in the bill are consistent jrinotecano medical prescriptions and if they were charged according to the contracted plan.

Android Open Source [Internet].


Stud Health Technol Inform. Suggestions and opinions given by nurses audit and informatics health professionals helped improve the application through their useful and practical evaluations. This application can make the auditing process faster and complete. Conselho Federal de Enfermagem.

Considering total evaluation in both products, they found 14 problems in the mobile version according to Nielsen’s heuristic, whereas the web version showed eight problems. In such cases, it was opted to include the information “see full prescribing information”. Computers were introduced to nursing professionals more than 40 years ago, and they have been used in decision making systems, guidance of patient care, teaching and training, registration of nursing processes in hospital information systems, and electronic health records.

The other evaluator also perceived the same problem but classified the problem as severe. Health informatics professionals invited had to have, preferably, a specialization, a master’s or doctorate degree in the area, and basic knowledge of Nielsen’s heuristic. Even with the limited number of evaluators, it was clear that Oncoaudit can be used in practice for drugs audit.


The methods for development and evaluation were adequate to achieve the proposed objective. The world’s most popular open source database [Internet].

Oncoaudit: development and evaluation of an application for nurse auditors

In addition, it was used other well-known materials, such the Brazilian Clinical Oncology Manual and Epocrates. Severity ratings for usability problems [Internet]. They also stated that the web system was easy to use and found that information provided is necessary for practice, allowed them to optimize reading of pharmaceutical bulla as well trustable. Determining what individual SUS scores mean: This method consisted of evaluator analysis of the interface and expression of the evaluator’s option.

The application stored all information of the pharmaceutical guide, including PDFs, in order to enable use even when the mobile jrinotecano was not connected to the Internet. The three health informatics professionals assessed usability in both the mobile and web environments. Software irinotdcano was based on system development life cycle using the prototyping concept.

The nurse auditors met the following inclusion criteria: Auditing was introduced in the United States in to verify the quality of obstetric care, followed by other health sectors. The problem for the mobile version that was classified as catastrophic irinotfcano comprised in the first heuristic: In iribotecano evaluation using Nielsen’s heuristic, it was understood that this tool is a good alternative to test interactive health websites in settings where time and resourses are limited.

The mobile version can be is accessed at http: Technological advances enable blua to direct their professional destiny and to adapt technology resources based on practice; they also help nurses to see urgent trends in the health area as a challenge and a single opportunity for careers growth.


Services on Demand Journal. Audits occur retrospectively, i.

International J Hum Comput Interact. It was developed an application containing information to support auditing of drugs in hospital bills.

Anvisa; c [citado Jul 13]. To develop a web and mobile ironotecano application to search for chemotherapy drugs to support nursing audits of hospital bills and to evaluate user satisfaction and tool usability.

Nurse evalaution indicated that the web and mobile versions addressed user needs. The standardization of drug information with the same active principle was not completed, but pharmaceutical guide constitute an important information source in Brazil that has been changed several times: Collaborations Grossi LM contributed to the conception of the project, analysis and interpretation of the data and drafting of the manuscript.

Such a discrepancy is relevant during auditing practice and brings several conclusions in the process. Synchronization after login ensures the use of as little space as possible in the memory of the device; as a result less time is needed for downloads.

Based on this case, the evaluator had to search in the Oncoaudit system and then complete the SUS questionnaire. The product was irinotecao by nurse auditors using the System Usability Scale questionnaire. The catastrophic problem concerned error prevention, in which the first evaluator verified that in pharmacological group locking could occur during the search.

This instrument has 10 general designed principles called “heuristics”: One of the nurses praised the topics’ “stability”, “pharmacological group”, and “compability with bottles and equipment” considering the importance in practice.