Content: IT / IT63 / IT Web Technology Question Paper IT Web Technology Part B Question Bank With Answers- Link Here. IT/IT63/ IT Web Technology Question Bank With Answers CSE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Computer Science and Engineering. IT WEB TECHNOLOGY IMPORTANT 16 MARK QUESTION WITH ANSWER KEYS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. IT WEB TECHNOLOGY.

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This isknown as Stateless Connection. It is a method for referencing an object without declaring the full path to the object. Mention the need for cascading style sheets. How do search engine work? Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. To write a program in Java with the following: What is meant by Stateless Connection? HTTP specifies how a client and server establish a connection, how the client requests data from the server, how the server responds to that request, and finally how the connection is closed.


Keep visiting this blog for new updates Affiliated Colleges-Time Table for M. T – Semester 5 Lecture Notes and E-books Anna University— Mental health counseling for Teac HREF — Takes the name of the.

Name Resolution is the process of mapping a hostname to its corresponding IP Address. What is meant by WSDL? What are the issues of next generation IP? A table it253 a two dimensional matrix, consisting of rows and columns. What are the DOM methods? What is web server? These reserved ports are referred to as we1l-known ports because the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority publicly documents the applications that use them.

It order to avoid this problem domain names are used. It is a specification for identifying an object such as a file, newsgroup, CGI program or e-mail address by indicating the exact location on the internet. Network is an interconnection of systems to share data and information. View my complete profile. When a web server receives a HTTP request from a web browser it evaluates the request and returns the requested document, if it exists, and then breaks the Iy2353 connection. What are the types of web services and its uses?


EC Microprocessors and Microcontrollers— The syntax of the form is. Explain in brief about Java scriplet. Tutorial is just awesome.

KLNCE – ANNA UNIVERSITY: Web Technology / WT previous year question papers

Give syntax of relative URLs 3. List the goals of SGML. Depending on the required size of each row. How do you make a graphic a link?


quewtion It is very difficult to remember the IP address of each and every node. All the tags in HTML program are optional, however the file should be saved in. How do I make text show in italics? What do mean by search engine? There are 3 attributes that can be introduced in BODY tag.