After some time, “jacko” announced he was starting a managed fund – Jackson Fortress Asset Management ltd. It was a company based in. Jacko did a similar thing on Forex Factory – I don’t think he coined the term, maybe one of his followers did, but the group he created was known as the Jacko . A. No, only posted to this forum and Forex Factory so far. And sorry this is worthless crap for you; what do you advise? @ mxjones: You sound.

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This will continue for a minimum of 12 months from that date. It is simply a fordx of being taught the appropriate rules and following those rules.

Exposing Fraud of Jacko from forexfactory

If you have been reading this blog you will know I was quite pleased to have found myself a mentor back in June I would like to see this. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Fri, August 6, 4: Just some additional little things that I have remembered that may be of assistance to anyone looking to position trade: Ok, The funds have just been sent.


Don’t have the number? That’s what forums do, they fuck over the stupid bastards to dumb to work out how to trade for themselves. Now if someone comes up with true artificial intelligence, real traders can sit back and go fishing, letting their cray supercomputers trade for them!

It is no problem to me if the funds don’t get sent till forrex week.

I will be in contact with you once the funds are received so that we can optimize the delivery of the trading information as quickly and conveniently for you as possible. My husband is not around anymore and I have an 8 year old son with jaclo difficulties. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Jacko @ FF.com a scam?

Newer Post Older Post Home. I was scammed by them again. There are two problems of how a Forex system recognizes the trend. LOL Finallyyou ask why I prefer to use the longer term trades. The AH trade order to buy at 1.

I now know that the police, Interpol and various people are on to him to try and find out where he has disappeared to. Such a system can be profitable for several months and you would be happy with it. If you make a mistake and you are fighting the trend AND you are in the direction of the trend. This market will be here long after you and I will be dead, so there is no need to rush in and try to get all your money back in one day. Probably scared to lose money 2.


Jacko’s method

We may post some of this information publicly in the future depending on the legalities. Mon, June 14, 9: It has continued to perform reasonably well this year. In NovemberI started this blog.

Email number four sent. I never understood the title of the thread Any other personal details trading experience etc that you wish to add. Forex is one of the most “trendy” markets. I was happily retired before I found forex and Mrs Jackson wishes to revert to that life with me trading just my own fored.