Lust [Elfriede Jelinek, Michael Hulse] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a quaint Austrian ski resort, things are not quite what they seem. Book Review: Lust by Elfriede Jelinek. Do not be fooled by the title. Lust is not a summer beach read. In fact, I’m not sure how I would classify it. Elfriede Jelinek was born in Austria in and grew up in Vienna where she attended the famous Music Conservatory. The leading Austrian.

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Nobody does it better than Elfriede Jelinek, when it comes to writing about the filthy side of human beings, not just any dark side, real filthy side! La mujer le llama. There is something deeply disturbing about this book.

Kevin Stephany’s Critique Compendium

I think Jelinek is the only person who understands it completely and perfectly. It matters not to me who the responsible party is elfriwde. I barely made 15 pages.

Aug 09, jelinekk louie rated it it was amazing. Lust is a novel by Austrian author Elfriede Jelinek. El resto del libro lo llena el estilo rocoso de Jelinek.

A difficult read certainly, because of the non-linear train of thoughts, yet it’s all worth the time to open It’s easy to be tempted to think that the book is an absurd exaggeration, even misrepresentation of reality.

Obviously she equally hates all that is oppressive and insanely preposterous, which covers enormous swaths of ground and leaves her much else to expose in the course of her saying so. Jelinek es una mujer enojada. Or maybe it was the translation to English.

The ones-in-charge continue to profit and consider themselves superior in their elfrieee delusions of grandeur.

The only thing the husband in this book did was rape his wife, or talk about raping his wife, or plan to rape his wife, or drug their child so he could rape his wife in peace.


Paperbackpages. She is obeying her own command. Want to Read saving…. The permanent stream of consciousnes is amazingly funny and associative.

The wife and son are deemed property and he makes use of them as he desires when he desires. Page The quote below combined the two. Oct 28, Shankar rated it liked it. A weaker mind of lesser character could never delight in these scribblings patterned in short paragraphs of hers that never fail to ejlinek a reader to go on and hear what else she might have to say about these people we all should know and be jeline aware of.

She wants the young man Michael and not the rest of what comes with him. Fact is, this novel is a masterpiece in brutal honesty. Al caballo y su edad se les conoce por los dientes.

Lust (Jelinek novel) – Wikipedia

And to come home from work with a suitable industrial disease. Der Belohnung folgt Strafe, auf Strafe folgt Belohnung A bestseller throughout Europe, Lust conforms Elfriede Jelinek as the most challenging writer female or male in Europe today.

Taken to drink, Gerti wanders into a nearby ski resort, where she has a flfriede encounter with Michael, a self-centered student and hopeful politician. I couldn’t finish it. A third of the way into this beautifully profound though vicious treatise the narrator, after somewhat sarcastically speaking of a factory worker fetching from the dispenser a refreshing Cokesays the word I.

Hermann, the manager of a paper mill, has decided that sexual gratification begins at home. This book is rough, I would describe it as pages of the Crucifix violence scene from “The Exorcist” movie followed by a final scene to the novel that is even more painful.

Which means Gerti – his wife and property. In Elfriede Jelinek’s mitteleuropa, love is as distant from sex as the Alps are from the sea, and the everyday mechanics of husband, wife, and child, become a loveless horror. The author described the conclusion of a sexual act as follows: Let me just write I found it unique.


Get away from the construct that life is unbearable, but can only get worse. Books by Elfriede Jelinek. Elfriede Jelinek is a misandrist extraordinaire and refuses to be subtle in her indictments of men. Elfriede Jelinek is an Austrian playwright and novelist, best known for her novel, The Piano Teacher.

A husband who uses her every hole to fill and gorge with his own juices and then leaves her soiled and bent with nary a kiss goodbye is still not enough abuse for her so Gerti ventures out to seek more in the shape and forms of youth that are now and forever escaping her.

The language in this story jolted me. The sad thing is that is it amazingly relevant as the mind-sets described in the book are perfectly represented by Donald Trump, a view of sex as a right earned through money and power, as sex as jelinekk violent way to demonstrate power, and the capitalist system that cultivates those type of relationships.

This book made me ashamed of being human. Disappointed and disillusioned, Gerti returns home and drowns her son in a nearby stream. I had to goad myself with sugar cookies and a strawberry smoothie in order to go through with my final push. Michael mira la complicada arquitectura de Gerti, y grita como si lo estuvieran despellejando.

Let her characters strive towards it. I never feel entitled to anything awarded me except for the continuance jeilnek a fair shake and honest relationship. I think I’ll hold onto this. Jeline, me of new comments via email.