John Wheeler met Bob Adamson (a student of Nisargadatta Maharaj) on a trip to Paperback: pages; Publisher: Non-Duality Press; Revised edition. Shining in Plain View [John Wheeler, Non-Duality Press] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. John Wheeler attracts a growing audience of. Posts about John Wheeler written by Non-Duality America.

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So instead of being concerned with the states or actions, realize that the real existential problem, if there is one, is the subtle sense of being a separate person that can tend to creep back into the picture. A Vastness All Around: But no, all seeking has stopped; and if I were praying, it would be for thanks, not supplication.

John Wheeler | Non-Duality America

This is not really the case. See the list sorted by Topic. Through the years, it has always been a delight to come here and savor the quietness. It would only be the separate nondualkty who would try to make an attempt to become something, even wholehearted and fully involved. I am unable to find anything.

Here is an archived site of John’s from the internet wayback machine. No Person John Wheeler. Ultimately, you have no control over the mind states, so let them be.

I would like to know if and when the book ‘Full stop gateway to present perfection’ will be republished? Pacific Cultural Center in the Studio. There are countless other nonduality pointing peeps in the world, so there’s no shortage. This idea subtly keeps the idea of a person going. Bob Jarmusz January 17, at 1: I simply sit with the presence of Beingness. With the emphasis off of the mind and the conceptual story, you will be much more present, because there is no filter.


Sitting with John, we are concerned with one thing: There is a logic to it that you can confirm by direct experience. Unknown May 24, at 5: Black rain on the temple roof. Can the mind really do anything except produce words and memories of past events and label things after they have happened?

Instead of getting wrapped up in the states and doing this or that, question who is the one who imagines that the states and actions are so important. Library Extracts Reviews Recommendations.

As long as this idea of being a separate ‘ghost in the machine’ survives, everything in life nonduaoity bound nondualiy give some sense of trouble. The Horseshoe is the heart of the campus, with its lush lawn and brick-path promenade that showcase nearly a dozen 19th century buildings and a multitude of towering trees, including Southern magnolias and majestic live oaks.

Please tell me what you found regarding John Wheeler’s blog. There is no person in the machine whose attention, lack of attention, competence or whatever is a critical factor in understanding your true nature.


It is actually completely present. See the list sorted by Author. Nondjality is no improving it, getting it or losing it. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and enjoys conversing with those who are vitally interested in self-knowledge.

With the emphasis off of nondualihy, which is just a small slice of everything going on, you are more fully alive and present with what is. Just keep coming back to the fundamentals.

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Lose the concern that there is something significant about the mind and emotional states. It is perfectly whole and complete now. See this noonduality, and all the issues will resolve with no additional effort. Question that till you see that there is no separate person there. There is no person with all of its preferences and partialities trying to negotiate every experience. Newer Post Older Post Home.

It wouldn’t hurt to call the Pacific Cultural Center to see if he’s resumed these meetings. Unknown January 15, noonduality John Wheeler – The Natural State website.