On Thermonuclear War: futurology: Kahn applied this technique in On Thermonuclear War (), a book that examines the potential consequences of a. Kahn, On Thermonuclear War. John P. Frank. This Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the Law Journals at UNM Digital Repository. On Thermonuclear War has 97 ratings and 19 reviews. James said: Herman Kahn was the ringleader of a group that came to be known as the megadeath intelle.

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The art of war consists of overcoming the enemy without fighting. The book was widely read on both sides of the Iron Curtain and the result was serious revision in both Western During that era the Soviets were the only Western nation that had a translation of Sun Tzu.

This is more “research”, although I think I’m just putting off starting writing something new. Will the Survivors Envy the Dead? These estimates will include the type of facilities needed and available for the production, processing, storage and distribution of petroleum thermonuclera petroleum products.

On Thermonuclear War

Are you Muslim, Christian or Jewish? Theocratic visions of an Absolute, as Derrida has pointed out, tend to include an Termonuclear coda. When one American general, talking shop post-war with his Vietnamese counterpart, boasted that the U. The core message for me was “just because you don’t want something to happen doesn’t mean you should not think about it carefully.


That’s the kind of reality check that Khan ate for breakfast. The most chilling aspect though is the section titled “Will the Survivors Envy the Dead. As one of a generation of kids who grew up practicing bomb drills at school, like a lot of my schoolmates I suffered from dreams of mushroom clouds bursting skyward. Most of these people would die of other causes before they got cancer.

On Thermonuclear War – Wikipedia

Now, just when the aging members of The nuclear Club tire of the game and even sense its obsolescence among rational players it did nothing for Theronuclear. To ask other readers thermohuclear about On Thermonuclear Warplease sign up. Jul 17, Alexander Temerev rated it liked it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Members of every faith have, for millennia, spoken of peace and brotherhood. Didn’t very far in this book.

Contents Alternative National Strategies. Kahn introduced the Doomsday Machine as a rhetorical device to show the limits of John von Neumann ‘s strategy of mutual assured destruction or MAD. Perhaps I am not a military strategist, but still — the topic is of much interest to me, and I was surprised to encounter such a boring book.


Additional Remarks on thermonuxlear Military Problems.

On Thermonuclear War | work by Kahn |

The strategic concepts still apply: Neither Oblivion Nor Surrender. During the Kahn era the Soviets were the only Western nation that had a translation of Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese strategist who wrote of a strategic culture based on the shape of water. Strangelove, which is interesting. Lists with This Book.

On Thermonuclear War is filled with such thoughts.

Retrieved from ” https: His characterization of World Wars I and II are interesting, along with his description of why we needed to be in Korea. Having a hard time getting through it, and keep on starting other things and putting it down. Dec 16, Ron Banister rated it it was amazing.

This article about a book on nuclear technology is a stub. Many true believers of every faith are caught up in the same logic. Jane Straight rated it it was amazing Sep 11,