Their own name for their language was Khuzdul, which is evidently simply ” Dwarvish”, the Dwarves calling themselves Khazâd (singular Khuzd). We read that. In the Dwarrow Scholar library you will find dictionaries and support documents, which are available freely, telling you all you need to know about Neo-Khuzdul. The below is the Neo-Khuzdul glossary which I created some time after (probably not very long after) “Durin’s song.” I have not added or amended anything.

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Hebrew has a lot of wordplay based on permuting the letters in the triconsonantal roots e.

Thramili’s Khuzdul Dictionary(revisited)

Though it is rather common in a learning environment or for clarfication to separate the pronoun from the verb or preposition, it is more common to find ,huzdul attached. Actually yes, there are plans for that. Notes on the above translation: Thramili’s Khuzdul Dictionary revisited Added new words; sorted many words; Corrections; added phrases still in rough draft, still revising.

The Dwarves are upon you! For the time being there is one document for lesson 1, as I am still to finish the rest of the lessons. Includes radicals N-R-Gq. In Barazinbarq.

  AFMAN 36-2203 PDF

April 2, at I play nothing but Dwarves I have a huge obsessionand this will be great. April 27, at 9: Or someone that vows to take over if all family is lost to a child? It appears that no such words exist? I would hate to active yet another service on my computer for just one thing.

November 27, at 7: January 16, at 8: According to Tolkien’s notes on the Angerthas runes, reduction vowels like the ones heard in butter were also common and written as runes only used by Dwarves.

Khuzdul – the secret tongue of the Dwarves

Documents in a white box are currently being worked on do not have an active dictjonary. The Dwarrow Scholar takes us on a fascinating journey among ductionary Dwarves of the Seven Clans spanning over One could consider however that, seeing how secretive dwarves were about their inner names, close relations or very close friends of the family might be appointed as name guardians for the young dwarf.

Please enable the use of JavaScript in your browser. The word uzn “dimness” provides an example of how a biconsonantal root here Z-N is treated.


Am I remembering wrong, or did I just overlook something? Of course, we cannot be certain that baruk is the normal plural “axes” and not a specialized form meaning “axes of”. February 20, at 8: December 18, at 8: Do you read fanfictions?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

One of those new projects, with the aim to more easily share my insights on the Dwarves of Tolkien and take a much closer and a more direct approach with our fantastic community is Twitch.

Zahar houseuzhar greatest house – uzhar buildergreatest builder would thus be the same? An update of the dictionary will soon kuhzdul available including an easy search tool. Role Play in LotRO.

In A Tolkien Compass p. Lalaith Quetzalli Caresi says: As for the 9 miscellaneous types, they are usually not bound to one word function.

Or did some random mmorpg player just write them? What would godfather be? Join Date Feb Posts 2.

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