Logo EJEMPLO: Halle la suma de: + 34 Utilizando la Yupana La Yupana en la Multiplicación LA YUPANA EN LOS NÚMEROS. PROFESOR CARLOS DIAZ LA YUPANA HERRAMIENTA PARA REALIZAR CÁLCULOS. APRENDE A COMO EFECTUABAN LAS. The work singles out a multiplication in the yupana by Guaman Poma de Ayala: unique example of computing carried out with the method used by ancient Incas, .

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Articles with Spanish-language external links Articles with Italian-language external links. With a yupana as the one designed by Poma de Ayala can not be represented every multiplicands, but it is necessary to extend the yupana vertically adding rows to represent numbers whose sum of digits exceeds 5.

These yupana, made of stone, have 18 compartments of triangular shape, arranged around the table. Of course, this is just a hypothesis… I want In the central part there are four square compartments, coupled between them.

B very similar to a really existing tocapu fig. Este hecho parece esencial para entender el texto de Guaman Poma y su dibujo: Como se ha notado, la cantidad total del tributo enviado fue de “objetos” en total, vestidos de un lado y el trabajo de mineros para pagar la tasa de pesos en plata del otro.

It should be emphasized that this interpretation, apart the supposed error calculation or representation by the designeris the only one that identifies in the yupana of Poma de Ayala a mathematical and consistent message multiplication and not a series of random numbers as in other interpretations. In addition, in the tocapu reported in figure D, also catalogued by V. Discovered in the upper Ecuador by Max Uhle inthis yupana is made of stone and its bins are drawn.


Los porcentajes que representan estas cantidades dentro del total del tributo, y el porcentaje que representa la cantidad de tributarios de cada lugar dentro del total no son cifras redondas o decimales. The study is illustrated with numerous images, explaining the essence of our discoveries, interactive tables, etc.

Florio identifies a drawing fig. The tower is composed of two rectangular compartments. Fue co-autor del Catecismo en quechua y aymara.

La Yupana En La Adicion De Numeros Naturales Research Papers –

The second is rectangular 32×23 cm containing 22 square compartments, two L-shaped and three rectangular in the center. Estas aptitudes o yuppana convierten a esta lista de 10 calles en realidad yupanw una lista de 5 grupos de personas. Remember me on this computer. Iugar al Alquerque The representation of the numbers is based on the fact that the sum yuppana the values of the circles in each row gives as total 39, ls each circle takes the value 5 in the first column, 3 in the second column, 2 in the third and 1 in the fourth one; it is thus possible to represent 39 numbers, united to neutral element zero or no seeds in the table ; this forms the basis of 40 symbols necessary for the numbering system.

El texto es el siguiente: Inca Mathematical tools Quechua words yupaan phrases. Conseguently the deciphering revealed the method of These accountants and treasurers of the kingdom are found in every city, town, or indigenous village Esto se apoya a la vez en el hecho que el texto y los dibujos mismos de Guaman Poma aclaran que la Yupana era el instrumento de los contadores oficiales del imperio, y no menciona ni una vez que estas hayan podido ser utilizadas en rituales o como juegos.


The first table-yupana which we know was found in in Chordeleg in the department of Cuenca Ecuador. The first is rectangular 47×32 cmhas 22 square 5×5 cm and three rectangular 16×18 cm compartments, and has no towers.

La Yupana En La Adicion De Numeros Naturales

Esto es lo que encontramos entre: This yupana is the one that is closest to the picture by Poma de Ayala in Nueva Coronica, while having a line less and being half drawn. Universidad Nacional de san Antonio Abad del Cuzco. Ver Diez de San Miguel [] At the moment, until the work is only in Russian, but I plan to translate into English. In an annex to the document are also textiles, hidden pockets and medallions, containing a number of historically “important” documents: They count through tables, numbering from one hundred thousand to one hundred and from ten thousand and ten, until the unit.

Found at Caraz in -this table-yupana is different from that of Chordeleg as the material of construction is the stone and the central compartment of octagonal shape is replaced with a rectangular one; towers also have three shelves instead of two. Remember me on this computer. Adorno escribe al respecto: In Cinzia Florio proposes an alternative and revolutionary approach in respect to all the theories proposed so far. Skip to main content. Quipu – Yupana An interactive example: