Leary, M. R. Sociometer theory and the pursuit of relational value: Getting to the root of self-esteem. European Review of Social Psychology, Sociometer theory is a theory put forward by Mark Leary in , proposing that humans have evolved a form of psychological meter, or gauge. Sociometer theory proposes that self-esteem is a psychological gauge of the . in which people appear to seek to enhance their self-esteem (Leary et al., ).

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In contrast, the reproductive success of women is closely related to the extent to which they are perceived as physically attractive.

According to this theory, individuals have evolved to experience a robust need for closeness and social belonging. The role of cytokines in depressive disorders. The sociometer perspective provides a framework for understanding the extensive literature on self-esteem, as well as the link between self-esteem and emotional and behavioral problems. Leary subsequently published a rejoinder to many of these sociometdr, highlighting that other theories sociometsr similar shortfalls.

Reference Previous Chapter Chapter Thus, no matter what else they may be doing, people typically monitor and control their public impressions — a process known as self-presentationor impression management.

The sociometer hypothesis

I am also interested in interpersonal rejection and the role that it plays in motivation, behavior, and emotion. A terror management perspective on the roots of human social motivation.

Current Directions in Psychological Science8, Effects of social exclusion on aggressive behavior. Eat Less Meat New U. The objective of the study was to pick groups for an activity based on the evaluations given by the students.


The sociometer hypothesis / smoss2 – Sicotests

Wives who are not faithful, but engage in sexual socioneter, are less inclined to invest this time and effort. I have studied the self-presentational determinants of social anxiety, the responses of socially anxious people, and the personality characteristics that predispose certain people to be highly socially anxious. Personality and Individual Differences30, This provides some evidence for an evolutionary basis in the fundamental human need for inclusion in a group, and the burden of being on the outskirts of social acceptance.

According to Leary, there are five main groups associated with relational value that are classified as those affording the greatest impact on an individual. First, in their study, they discovered the self esteem of participants was especially likely to drop after they imagined themselves performing behaviors in which they felt they could be excluded or rejected by someone else-such as cheating on learry exam, yelling at someone, or causing a traffic accident.

Email Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. In the first group, where perceived relational value was high, self-esteem was also high. Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. Subsequent studies showed that implicit self-esteem, as gauged by the implicit association test, mediated this relationship. Their sexual infidelity, therefore, should significantly impair the self esteem of their husbands.


Photo of Thoery Leary File name: Login or create a profile so that you can create alerts and save clips, playlists, and searches. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology81, These authors argued that a plethora of observations, such as the finding that participants who contemplate their mortality strive more vigorously to improve their self esteem, cannot be ascribed to the sociometer hypothesis.

Rejection or exclusion does not only diminish self-esteem but also increases materialism. Shackelford uncovered results that accord with these propositions. Much of my work lies at this interface. A study was conducted to see just how much people depend on peers and outside factors and relational values to regulate their life.

Write a new opinion article, a new Psyhclopedia article review or update a current article. When silence speaks louder than words: Throughout evolution, women who could produce children were, over time, gradually perceived as more attractive.

Sociometer Theory | Psychology Concepts

June 17, Visits since June 9, Other individuals wrote about a time in which they were accepted. A review and meta-analysis.

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