Product specifications for the ThinkPad Xe systems. 83% Review Lenovo Thinkpad Xe Subnotebook | Notebookcheck decent specifications and class-leading usability – all while remaining easy on the. Is the Lenovo ThinkPad Xe a netbook or an ultraportable? is a little heavier than other netbooks, but I hardly noticed the extra weight.

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Even when conducting a Skype call from our dark living room, fine details such as the folds in our fingers specw clearly visible, and motion was perfectly smooth.

Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Specifications

Flash forward to today, and it appears Lenovo has been sending out ThinkPad Xe units in the configuration that probably should’ve been their leader in the first place. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

Performance and battery life The Xe is the first ever ThinkPad to be powered by an AMD processor, and also one of the first ultraportables we’ve reviewed with the company’s single-core 1. Like most Lenovo ThinkPads you’ll never be at a loss for navigation options — there’s the signature red TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard and a smaller touchpad below.

Our one qualm about the entire design comes with the six-cell battery, which protrudes out of the Xe’s rear — not only is it awkward, but it puts the system at 3. Two thirds of maximum volume was loud enough to fill an entire living room.

Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. The biggest single advantage of this screen over ultraportables like the Alienware M11x or the Dell Inspiron 11z is the fact that this screen features a matte surface. When we first reviewed Lenovo’s ThinkPad Xe back in March, we were impressed with its lightweight design and amazing keyboard, but we couldn’t give the Most netbooks with six-cell batteries run for double that time, and most ULV laptops last over four and a half hours.

Where to Buy See All. We want to hear what you think. Optical Storage Drive Type. Businesses still demand the best, but in this economy they now also demand it for less money.


Unsurprisingly, we prefer the Xe’s matte Unfortunately, this remains the case with the dual-core ThinkPad Xe, though its endurance is better than its single-core brother. We were able to stream a p episode of Fringe and play both p and p WMV files from Microsoft’s HD Showcase without the slightest hint of noise, pixelation, or jerkiness. The Xe was able to achieve a somewhat playable frame rate of 28 frames per second when we played World of Warcraft at x resolution and effects set to default.

However, if you plan to play video or games, watch out. Speaker quality is average as the maximum volume output is loud enough to fill a large meeting room with clear sound.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Despite the change, this keyboard maintains the same level of quality that business users expect when they hear the ThinkPad name. Run Time Up To. It was also much slower when it came to tasks like transcoding video.

The good news is that the Xe stays relatively cool when not being taxed by video or games, and its soft plastic surface doesn’t feel as warm as some of the metal notebooks we’ve tested. Sensitivity was excellent and no adjustment was needed out of the box.

There are few status lights and only one button for power, but there’s no need for bling in this highly functional design. Uncover details in our in-depth review. Hit that read more link for the full review. Lenovo ThinkPad Xe Specifications: However while we were enjoying the multimedia boost, we noticed the bottom of the laptop getting increasingly hot.

Best Laptops for Next to the more expensive and larger X-Series models, Lenovo provides us, according to their statement, with the cheapest ThinkPad lenoo was ever made. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. We’re definitely fans of the dual-core ThinkPad Xe’s svelte form factor, responsive keyboard, great navigation options, and strong multimedia playback.

Some convertibles are also represented with that size. Hard Drive Spindle Speed. We’re pointing stick people, but the touchpad is decently sized, though its multitouch capabilities are finicky.


Lenovo Thinkpad Xe – G – External Reviews

However, we did find ourselves wishing the palm rest was just a bit longer because our wrists hung off of it slightly. However, spevs soft plastic surface of the palm rest didn’t chafe our wrists like the rough plastic on the ThinkPad X series. Single Review, online available, Long, Date: During that time, the Xe consumed an average of Build and Design If there is a single laptop brand name that is synonymous with business it has to be ThinkPad.

While the function buttons have been shrunken down, there are two full sized Shift keys and we didn’t have to make any adjustments to our usual hand positioning when typing this review.

Lenovo ThinkPad Xe Review

Thought we were going to give it up that easily? Overall, the speccs and TrackPoint were both a joy to use, with a fast response time and no discernable lag. Truth is we’ve navigated and typed on a lot of netbooks and small computers, and there’s no doubt in our minds that the experience on the Xe is the top of the game. That means a lightweight minimalist design.

That said, this is still a ThinkPad keyboard in every way that matters. Audio Output Compliant Standards. Email Name Comment Firstname. Yes, AMD’s Athlon Neo gives the Xe kenovo noticeable performance and graphics boost over the typical Intel Atom processor and even some lower end Celeron ULV processors, but when it comes to battery life it destroys the ThinkPad’s chance of running lenivo the gassed up Intel-powered lappies.

The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch The only real blemish is the rather large bulge provided by the system’s six-cell battery.

ThinkVantage Active Protection System, administrator password, hard drive password, power-on password, security lock slot cable lock sold separately.