View and Download LG VX quick reference manual online. LG VX Quick Reference. VX Cell Phone pdf manual download. Find out how to use and troubleshoot your LG VX with how-to guides and support videos. See step-by-step instructions for devices by operating system. View and download lg vx user manual online. lg cell phone user guide. vx cell phone pdf manual lg website utilizes responsive design.

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Baja los mejores tonos de timbre. Speed Dial number 1 is set to call your Voicemail. Press to clear the existing name. Press Right Soft Key Yes and 3.

As a driver, your first responsibility is to pay attention to the road. Removes a Sound from your message. To view a quick list of all your recent calls, press standby mode. We provide a day satisfaction guarantee on any product you buy from us.

Lh Sound to a Message 1.

Please call or write for the location of the LG authorized service center nearest you and for the procedures for obtaining warranty claims.

When an audio device is connected, then you select another device and press connection is transferred from the audio device to the other one.


vx55300 Security The phone is always locked. The browser connection is terminated when you initiate the call. When you’re talking over the cell phone, it’s recommended you’d turn the Bluetooth mode off for HAC.

Oprima la tecla suave izquierda [Config], 3. The battery doesn’t need to be empty before recharging. Recent Calls To view a quick list of all your recent calls, press standby mode.

For more details, please refer to the User Guide. Right Soft Key Menu and navigating the options. Voice Commands Sensitivity Sets the sensitivity for determining potential matches to your verbal commands.


Press the center navigation Key Left. Don’t have an account? Potential areas may include: The device will appear in the found devices list menu once it has been located.

Fda Consumer Update Although the existing scientific data do not justify FDA regulatory actions, the FDA has urged the wireless phone industry to take a number of steps, including the following: A phone with TTY support is able to translate typed characters to voice or translate voice into characters to display on the TTY.

LG VX VX_QSG User Manual Quick Start Guide QSG

Oprima la Tecla suave izquierda Mensaje. LCD Screen Displays messages and indicator icons. If not, press for about three seconds. Page 89 None of mnaual studies demonstrated the existence of any harmful health effects from wireless phone RF exposures. Programming Speed Dialing Numbers 1. Press Right Soft Key [Settings], 3. Press Left Soft Key to change to [Word] mode. VX Global Positioning System is a system of satellites, computers, and receivers able to determine the latitude and longitude of a specific receiver on Earth.


View Timers Allows you to view the duration of selected calls. The warranty will not be applied to products provided by other suppliers.

LG VX5300 User Manual

Other Medical Devices Sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in bodily injury or even death. Groups Allows you to view your grouped Contacts, add a new group, change the name of a group, delete a group, or send a message to everyone in the selected group.

Press to complete the word and add a space. FDA web page on wireless phones http: The charge og varies depending upon the battery level. Ya no hace falta esperar por los estados de cuenta. Downloading an Application 1.