DATASHEET. CDBMS and CDBMS are 5-stage and 4-stage John- son counters having 10 and 8 decoded outputs, respectively. Product data sheet. Rev. 5 — 3 February 2 of Nexperia. 74HC; 74HCT Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputs. Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make changes to their products or to discontinue any product or service without notice, and advise .

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The IC CD is used for counting applications, it has the capability to turn on 10 outputs sequentially in a pre-defined time and reset the count or hold it when required.

As the name suggests this pin resets the count back to 1. We have 10 output pins ranging from Q0 to Q9, these pins can be connected to any load but we are using LEDs here as shown in the circuit below. But when the IC completes counting up to 10, the pin will go high and will remain high till it counts till 5, when its 5 it will go down 0V and turn on again when it reaches The count will reset itself back to Q0 and will stay there until Q0 is made low again.


We have another pin called the carry out pin 12 th pinthis pin will stay low 0V by default. Similarly, if the reset pin is made high.

This is commonly used for Led chasers and other logical output ln, so if you are looking for an sequential decoded counting IC that can count up to 10 then this IC will be your right choice. It also has the capability to indicate the status of counting using Carry pin.

The counting happens when datassheet clock pulse goes highthis pin is normally connected to timer or other uC to produce a pulse. Connected to the Ground of the circuit. Complete Technical Details can be found at the CD datasheet given at the end of this page.

This is an input which when made high will hold the count at the current state. The timing diagram of the IC indicating the state of Output pins and Carry pin for every high pulse signal is shown below. Submitted by admin on 16 October The datasheef changes sequentially from Q0 to Q9 for every high pulse from the Clock pin, but this sequence can be interrupted by two pins. This IC will increment the count from 0 to 9 Q0 to Q9 each time it senses a high pulse from the clock pin pin TL — Programmable Reference Voltage.


This is used as carry while counting.

These are the 10 output pins on which the counting occurs, they are not in order hence verify pin diagram above.

This pin goes high after the IC counts from 1 to Output pins Q0 to Q9.

They are the Clock Enable pin 13 and Reset pin 15 pins.