Isis Unveiled: Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition, Madame Blavatsky’s First Work [H P Blavatsky, Michael Gomes] on *FREE* shipping on. Isis Unveiled has ratings and 36 reviews. The said: Blavatsky dear occultist, was a genius and the fact that she wrote so brilliantly in Engl. Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. With the help of this book you will be able to make sense of how so.

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Return to Book Page. That which has been will return again. I have spoken of the part of Isis that was done by H.

Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II

I feel short of breath; I am afraid to make the slightest movement, for fear the spell might be broken. And with regard to the much vaunted progress of modern science she shows that everywhere, from the remotest antiquity, there are abundant indications that the arts and sciences as re-discovered in our times, were known and practiced by the “wise men of old;” furthermore, that much was “known” to the ancients of certain sciences and arts now “unknown” even to the most advanced science and scientists of our day.

He was a great Platonist; and I was told that, so absorbed was he in his life-study that he had become earth-bound, i. We had stopped at about 2 a. She was one fiery woman and I would have loved to meet her in person. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Against the Modern World: And as all inquiry presents two general poles, the ascertainment of facts and the consideration of their meaning and relations, so “Isis” takes up the acquisitions of modern scientific research and the theories and hypotheses built up to account for ascertained physical phenomena.

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The chapter follows with a recapitulation of the principles of natural law, covered by the fundamental propositions of the Oriental philosophy as successively elucidated in the course of the work. A thousand mortifying rebuffs have failed to open their reason or intuition to the truth. Overall an enlightening read and well worth the effort. Blavatsky variously called the sages, the adepts, the Great Souls of all time. Slowly, century after century, image after image, float out of the distance and pass before me, as if in magic panorama; and meanwhile I put them together in my mind, fitting in epochs and dates, and know for sure that there can be no mistake.

While the handwriting bore one peculiar character throughout, so that one familiar with her writing would always be able to detect any given page as H. Sometimes I would have to make several corrections in each line, while at others I could pass many pages with scarcely a fault of idiom or spelling to correct.

One evening in New York, after bidding H. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I attempted Volume 1 uhveiled didn’t make it through so didn’t even try volume 2. On traditional wisdom The King Solomon so celebrated by posterity, as Josephus the historian says, for his magical skill, got his secrete learning from India through Hiram, the king of Ophir, and perhaps Sheba.

Unless we mistake the signs, the day is approaching when the world will receive the proofs that only uveiled religions were in harmony with nature, and ancient science embraced all that can be known. Helena Blavatsky sets out to show that all the world religions originated from one prehistoric religion – an ancient form of Buddhism still practised in India when the book was written, and almost certainly to this day, and that Christianity was formed by plundering the so-called pagan religions and rewriting to suit the purposes of the Church.


“Isis Unveiled”: H.P. Blavatsky’s First Book

Books by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. The catholics must have wanted this woman crucified. No trivia or quizzes yet. The work has often been criticized as a plagiarized occult work, with scholars noting how Blavatsky extensively copied from a large number of madamf popular among occultists at the time. It’s not a matter of belief but observation and consideration. It was bpavatsky in every respect, and went to the printers without revision.

It is obviously intended to be informative and not a story with a beginning and an end.

Isis Unveiled by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

As to his third spirit, the divine, what is it but an infinitesimal ray, one of the countless radiations proceeding directly from the Highest Cause–the Spiritual Light of the World? Want to Read saving…. Had to reach for mada,e dictionary more than a few times with this as the target audience was probably Victorian intellectuals.

In discussing the merits of our scientific contemporaries, their own confessions of failure in experimental research, of baffling mysteries, of missing links in their chains of theory, of inability to comprehend natural phenomena, of ignorance of the laws of the causal world, have furnished the basis for the unveilef study.

In its modern aspect it is neither a science, a religion, nor a philosophy.

She slices through one religious agenda after another in search of truth. Nov 15, Nicholas rated it liked it Shelves: