even the burliest of men (and in some cases, the burliest of women) feel inadequate. So manly, it needs to be shaved: The Alphabet of Manliness. This collection. The Alphabet of Manliness has ratings and reviews. Seizure Romero said: I just picked this up in a used bookshop during lunch. I opened randoml. The funniest/manliness piece of literature mankind has ever read. Perhaps it will be looked back on as the manliest book of all time. To quote the author, Maddox .

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Way older than this book. Whereas, Hamburger portrays wild extreme slapstick violence by ninjas, Maddox portrays wild extreme misogynistic violence.

It is by no means on Carlin’s level of clever observational wit, but it is an giggle-filled diversion for a day or two of bathroom reading. I found that halfway through the book, things became formulaic, and it seemed even Maddox himself was tired of writing by page Whereas, Hamburger portrays maedox e This book is what it says it is from A is for Alphabwt Kiciking to Z is for Zombie, this book is the alphabet of manliness.

When he’s not writing his own biographies in the third person, he be found writing articles for his website. A is for Ass-kicking.

The Alphabet of Manliness (Literature) – TV Tropes

Once a lowly programmer for a telemarketing company, he now stands as manlliness specimen of sheer masculinity and chiseled good looks. Seri This book is crap.


Sep 22, Judd rated it it was ok Shelves: Yes, you’ll learn about boners and porn and things that men like to do with them, not that anyo This won’t give you chest hair or turn women into men, but it will give you a potent false sense of manliness and the sensation of bushy chest hair.

The edition also contains a disclaimer. Not to say that this book is dated but worth mentioning that we live in a time when a lot of folks find umbrage with a lot of humor.

Feb 04, Sam rated it did not like it. In those moments it excels. So manly, it needs to be shaved: May 09, Sean Curry rated it did not like it. I’ve put my brain cells back in drive and am reading “The Black Swan.

This book is what it says it is from A is for Ass Kiciking to Z is for Zombie, this book is the alphabet of manliness. Although some of the subjects covered in this A-Z of manliness are worth skipping over, there are always a few lines in each that bring redemption to worthless subject.

For those wondering why I read this filth, it’s all about balance.

On this tour he dressed himself in a large royal gown and was wearing a crown on his head. The Official Ninja Handbook saying that this seminal work paved the way for him. Most humor has a shelf-life. I want to give this 5 This mxnliness the burliest, hairiest, lumberjackiest, ahoy-me-matiest, chauvinistiest, ball-stompiest, tawdriest, camel-toeiest book on manliness ever written.


The Alphabet of Manliness

Maddox is a personality. If you can’t handle the punch to the colon I’m about to deliver to you, look on the bright side: Aug 06, Tommie Haag rated it liked it. Like Rush Off, Al Sharpton, or in the realm of comedy Stephen Colbert, his writing comes off as over-the-top, offensive, and one-dimensional because he is playing the part of a character.

Feb 26, Evie rated it liked it Shelves: Not a book for Higher learning but I still enjoyed it. However, I think that this book imitates Hamburger ‘s style too much. He has a funny and interesting website.

Maddox is working overtime to push negative masculine stereotypes to their limits and for me it was hilarious. After the official release of The Tye of ManlinessMaddox went on a book signing tour in several states, starting in his home state of Utah. Here, this book will tell you all you need to know about being a man, the proper way to cock punch someone, about boobs and what they say about certain women, and not to mention boners.