Man Whence How And Whither. by Annie Besant; Leadbeater, C. W. Publication date Topics PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy of mind. Man: Whence, How and Whither [Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A theosophical classic about the. This knowledge should be part of the curriculum of schools. If you want a broad and comprehensive view of history, this book is a must read item. Fascinating.

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Monads touching these can scarcely be said to be aware of anything through them, save of pressure, drawing from them a dull stirring of life, showing itself as resistance to the pressure, and thus different from the yet duller life in the chemical molecules unattached to Monads, and ledbeater no pressure.

The result was that they had less feeling, birth after birth, and physically tended towards sexlessness, and while they developed individualism to a high point, this very development led to constant quarrels and rioting.

It has now reached its densest point in evolution, the Mineral Kingdom.

Just as now elemental essence is used to build emotional and mental bodies, so then the Form and Desire-Angels were seeking to differentiate themselves more fully by using these clouds of matter and living in them.

A marked change has come over their physical bodies in this Round; they are now bright blue, instead of being muddy brown as before. The determining cause of these different causal bodies lies in the stage at which individualisation occurred. Those who left passed into the Inter-Chain Nirvana, and were there sorted out into the classes they had attained, as late letters with an extra stamp are sorted into the heaps to which they belong.

The word thus covers a huge class, containing many varying grades in evolution. That Eay of the divine Splendour which comes forth from Divinity at the beginning of a mani- festation, that “fragment of Mine own Self, trans- formed in the world of life into an immortal Spirit,” 1 is far more than Man.

The foremost hwither the second Chain vegetable kingdom entered the Moon Chain Animal Kingdom as mammals, in its fourth Eound, not passing through the infusoria and lower animal types fishes and reptiles; the rest came in, in its first Round, as fw of the lower types.

He proclaimed that the material for the Peruvian lives in Man: The student who will thoroughly master this dia- gram will find himself in possession of a plan into the compartments of whch he can pack any numbfer of dfttnils without, in the midst of their complexity, losing sight of the general ehither of aeonian evolution. Thus the two became dwell- ers in the city, and there lived to a great age, at- taching themselves cs decidedly to their respective masters, whom leadbeatfr regarded as Deities, as belong- ing to a divine race and omnipotent.


The Angels seemed to take no particular interest in them, any more than we interest ourselves in the evolution of microbes within ourselves; now and then, however, some interest was shown in an an- imal, and its capacity to respond increased rapidly under such conditions.

There were many communities scattered over the globe leading distinctly primitive lives; some, like those in the hut already mentioned, who were kindly, although little developed, fighting vigorously when attacked, while others were savage, quarrelsome and whihter at war, apparently for the mere lust of blood-shedding and cruelty. Near what corresponds to the Equator is a great city but it looks more like a cemetery with a large extent of cultivated land round it.

He is aided by Offi- cials who report to Him how the members of any special division have responded to tttfc influences He has thrown upon them during their stay in the Inter-Chain Nirvana. The Spirit of a globe is probably on the line of this class of Devas, and members of it perform the work of building globes all through the system. The mass of these, when the Moon begins to approach dissolution, pass out leadbeatter the body for the last time on the Moon Chain, and are gathered together in the emotional world.

Man Whence How And Whither : Annie Besant : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

This Chain is the future worlds in the matrix of thought, the worlds that later anv to be born into denser matter. It is but a single page of his life-story that is copied out herein, telling of the birth into dense matter of some of the Chil- dren of Man What lies beyond that birthing, still unpenetrated Night? Now the Master Sera- pis. Sinnett has well named these departments ‘ Schemes of Evolution,’ and within each of these Schemes humanities are evolving or will evolve.

The long interval between individualisation and re-birth is in these cases filled with dreams of successful escapes, of treacherous revenges, and of cruelties inflicted on those who misused them during their last animal lives.

Accept it so far as it helps you in your studies, and throws light on what you already know.


Man: Whence, How and Whither, a Record of Clairvoyant Investigation – Wikipedia

He may enter the splendid Angel– Deva– Evolution. Herakles followed Mars as his servant and fought under him, and when the battles were over, and it was decided to transplant the docile savages from the island to the mainland, and to incorporate them as a colony of the Empire, Sirius and Herakles met again, to their mutual delight, as great according to their small capacity as the deeper joy of Mars and Mercury on their higher level.

In the fullest answer we can only say: They gave us, as it were, a footing in the first and second Chains. Not until the seventh Race of our seventh Round will man possess the splendid body in which every particle will thrill responsive to himself, and even then not as perfectly as in later Chains.

MAN: Whence, How, and Whither (A Record Of Clairvoyant Investigation)

These Lords of the Moon took no active part at this stage; but seemed to be looking on at the building of a world-to-be. Sorely wounded as he was, he gave a cry of joy on recognising the stranger, a well-loved friend from the same city as himself, and he whitheg taken into the stranger’s hut. This name is derived from the fact that a Chain consists of seven Globes, mutually interrelat- ed cs it is a chain of seven links, each link a globe.

Vaivasvata Manu and the present Bodhisattva were seen together on globe D, but they passed on to the higher globes of the Moon Chain. Herakles and Sirius are close comrades, and in their clumsy ignorant way discuss this stranger’s proceedings, both feel- ing much attracted to him.

And yet the title is not wholly wrong, for qhither who comes from God and goes to God isjijgj; precisely ‘Man’. For them it has been written.

They do not regard it as a miraculous gift, nor as an outgrowth from high spirituality, lofty intelligence, or purity of character ; any or all of these may be manifested in a person who is not in the least clairvoyant.